I'm tired of living in this Beverly Hills bubble while the rest of the world crumbles around us.

Olivia [to Billy]

Don't give that woman and those cops your power.

Grace [to Spencer]

Cop: You know these kids?
Billy: The kids you're racially profiling?

Owner: I don't want any problem with you people.
Kia: You mean the black people from the neighborhood you just moved into?

Asher: Do you miss it? Football?
Spencer: I won't even front. There's parts of it I do miss.

Jordan: Who's that?
Spencer: And what's a Gumby?

Can you maybe stop saying "the outside" like I'm in prison?

Laila [to Olivia]

I don't need you. Feel free to stay in Beverly Hills.

Dillon [to Spencer]

You two do know I can hear you, right?

Billy [to Jordan and Olivia]

Grace James is making an appearance in these Beverly Hills streets?

Spencer [to Grace]

What if I told you I'm in love with you?

Asher [to Olivia]

There's only one side, the baby's side. And maybe you'll realize that when you're not so upset.

Olivia [to Jordan]

All American Season 2 Quotes

And you'd better be able to walk because ain't no one dragging your ass to the car.

Grace [to Billy]

Spencer: What's next? You done with that gang stuff, right?
Coop: They're still my boys. I ain't gonna stop hanging with them.