You can't go to America and start from nothing. That's the lie. So I stole.

Modesto [to Andrew]

My father. My father. He's a liar. My father's a thief.


Don't believe a word they say.

Modesto [to Andrew]

I'm just trying very hard to make sure that he doesn't end up like you.

Modesto [to Mary Anne]

Teacher: Andrew if you could have one wish, just one wish, what would it be?
Andrew: To be special.

Success only comes with hard work.

Franca [to Gianni]

Donatella- I believe for a woman, a dress is a weapon to get what she wants.

Gianni- I'm sick. We have to face it. Because I can not hide it.

Norman: We fall sick, it's our fault. We're murdered, it's our fault.
Andrew: You can rob us. You can beat us. You can kill us and get away with it.

Donatella- This company is you, it's not me.
Gianni- You have to make it yours. You have to take it. And you have to own it.

For me, being told no is like being told I don't exist. It's like I disappeared or something.

Andrew [to Jeff]

Andrew- Oh, if they could see me now.
Norman- Who?
Andrew- Everyone.

American Crime Story: Versace Quotes

Friend: You can't even tell people you're gay.
Andrew: I tell people all the time. I told people for years.
Friend: You tell gay people you're gay. And straight people you're straight.

Versace has invited me to the opera. Of course I said yes.