Wednesday: What a waste. I would've given you your battle.
Mad Sweeney: You're always my battle.

A compact then. To war or the end of the world, huh?


A storyteller does not concern themselves with the truth. Stories are truer than the truth. These are not literal constructs as much as imaginative creations.

Mr. Ibis

Wednesday, me. Fuck, all the gods. We're not the heroes, Shadow.

Mad Sweeney

Salim: I am here because the Jinn is here. And the Jinn is here because he owes Mr. Wednesday.
Mad Sweeney: He collects a lot of debt, don't he?

Oh, I know that smell. That smells like a hot bottle of whiskey and sex in an alleyway with a top-note of failure. Heya, hold a fuck up, it's gotta be, yes, it is! The one and only, MAD SWEENEY!


The Queen of Sheba playing a priest? I need a fucking drink.

Mad Sweeney

Bilquis: The stories that are told about you have reached my ears over the years too. The leprechaun, the hell-spirit, the pagan warrior, the madman, and the great and golden king. You haven't always been... this.
Mad Sweeney: Ah, well. It's all bollocks anyway. Don't remember much of it these days.

The gift of the flesh is the most sacred gift one can make.


Mama-Ji: Can you not see you have the power here in your own heart?
Laura: What? Like the power of love?
Mama-Ji: No. The power to destroy.

A little respect is all I ask. A little help is what I can give. Do you need direction? Or cream? Sugar?


Another thing about living in a funeral home is you never have to cook.


American Gods Season 2 Quotes

Laura: I still don't understand how a sweet, old man could have so many enemies.
Wednesday: Oh, it's perfectly simple, my dear. Jealousy. Pure, unmitigated jealousy. They all want what I have, a good time wherever I go.

I can't sell war without my best salesman. You need to find her. Find Media.

Mr. World