Michael: How can any of you defeat me, when I've already won?
Cordelia: You haven't won.
Michael: Perhaps you haven't noticed the state of the world.
Myrtle: It's almost as bad as your dinner jacket, but at least the world can be saved.

Coco: I cannot believe Brock shoved a knife through my head. That fucking bastard better hope he's dead.
Madison: Wow. She's by far the weakest among us and seems to be handling it the best.

Mallory: I don't know what's going on.
Madison: Bad news, bitch. You're back from the dead.

Man: Why do you get to decide that?
Cordelia: Because I'm the fucking Supreme!

You’re a stone-cold bitch and you’re exactly where you belong.


Men are simply not equal to women when it comes to magical ability.