Something is going on, and I have been targeted.


He's like a modern-day Charles Manson.

Ally [about Kai]

When Kai looked at me, it was better than a Xanny high, it was better than sex. He made me feel special, like we were the only two people in the world.


Harrison, I think it's time to call the police. Something terrible has happened to your wife.


Kai: The monsters are here. It's time to be scared.
Sally: Bullshit!

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My parents were Reaganites. I interviewed Barry Goldwater for my high school paper. I've seen conservatives up close — you're not a conservative. You're a reactionary. You use fear and the fantasy of a time that never was — when people "left their doors unlocked." People like Mr. Anderson, and Trump, are not the garbage. They are the flies that the garbage has drawn. It's time that we stop worrying about the flies and start hauling away the garbage.


Kai: What fills your dark heart with dread?
Ivy: The thought of laying in bed next to my wife.

Sally: No one's going to believe any of that!
Kai: Of course they will — it's on Facebook.

This is the face of true love.