I'm in so much trouble, aren't I?


How does it feel to exercise your white privilege and execute people of color with impunity?


This latest scandal comes at a time of increasing tension in this normally peaceful community, beginning with the shocking murder-suicide of Councilman Chang and his wife. Police are reporting a threefold increase in calls to 911. Now, we're seeing the collective rage and suspicion of this community has a focus, and it's a woman who critics are calling a "lesbian George Zimmerman."

Beverly Hope

Meadow: You don't belong here. We want racists out of our neighborhood.
Ally: Your neighborhood? We were here first!
Meadow: Tell that to the Native Americans!

Ally: Look, I know that I'm supposed to be responsible for all the positive and negative energies that come into my life...
Dr. Vincent: Who told you that?
Ally: I don't know — Instagram?

Ally: Sweetheart, you just have to trust mommy on this one, okay? Please say your goodbyes.
Oz: I wish I could say my goodbyes to you.

Stop! Stop! I am a citizen of the United States and I demand to see your permit. What chemicals are you spraying into our air? The public has a right to know! Stop!


Are you going to waste my time? Do you understand how valuable my time is — how much it means that I'm here doing this for you? This is a revolution!

Kai [yelling]

Stop saying sorry. For anything. That makes you nothing. Everything is somebody else's fault from now on. Do you understand? You wanna be somebody? You wanna matter? Then you make the world wrong.


Ivy: Ally... this thing you're becoming. This is not the person I married. I have been sensitive to your fears. I've dealt with the mental imbalances. I even tolerated the fact that you voted for Jill fucking Stein instead of Hillary.
Ally: You said you weren't going to bring that up again...