You don't have to be out in the world to be a part of it. In the modern age, no one ever has to be alone. Even for a second.


The only thing that takes the edge off is when I can pull people under with me. Make them feel what I feel. Then I'm not alone.


Sally: You telling us to stop telling guests is like Colonel Sanders telling people to stop eating chicken.
James: I'm not familiar with your military friend.

I'm dead, but I've never felt more alive.


You may beat me, but you're not getting out of here without a severe, life-long limp.

Countess [to Ramona]

Countess: It's not the Shalimar that gives you away. It's your blood. You're the only woman I've ever met whose blood smells like walnuts.
Ramona: Yours smells like black licorice.

I'm not letting a red-dotted blood-whore freak take up another second of my time. This is my vacation!


Donovan: Am I safe?
Iris: Yes. Yes, baby. You're safe.
Donovan: Mom.

Countess: He made me.
Donovan: And you made me. In his image.

Listen to me, Iris. You and I, we are women of a certain age. We have suffered more than our fair share, dammit. We should inherit the earth.


Will: Are you threatening my son?
Countess: I don't kill children, but I could make him a blood relative.

People today are obsessed with anything shiny and new. But it's all an illusion. Everything new fades. But forgotten hotels are still good for some things. Drug dealers, May-December indiscretions. And ending it all.


American Horror Story Season 5 Quotes

I can see the pain in your eyes. Very familiar. You've lost something and now you're frozen in time. Can't go forward. Can't go back.


Woof, you're a sight for sore eyes, Mr. Police Officer.