Bonnie: You get to eat mushrooms all day and paint in your underwear!
Adam: That's not fair.
Bonnie: A lot of things aren't fair.

Steve: You know, Becca's not the only redwood in the family.
Bonnie: I think you should go, Steve.

Steve: You know, I never got to see you in a wedding dress.
Bonnie: Goodnight, Steve.

Bonnie: Why? Are you intimidated by intelligent young women? You know, Jerry, I see you. You're just a dark, rainy storm cloud hovering over a beautiful tree, and you try to scare everyone with your thunder and your lightning, but you know what? My daughter can take anything you rain down on her because she's that tree. She's a goddamned redwood.
Steve: Yeah! You're goddamned right she is!

est Leader: If I asked your daddy to describe you right now, what would he say?
Kathleen: Kathleen is my sweet little angel.
est Leader: And if I asked him to describe your brother?
Kathleen: Timmy is strong, and smart, and capable.
est Leader: Did your father ever say you were smart and strong and capable?
Kathleen: Well, he's very proud of my accomplishments. He's always supported my dreams.
est Leader: How?
Kathleen: He bought me a car for my 16th birthday. He gave me money to move out to California. He gave me money to open my casting office.
est Leader: Has he ever supported you in a way that doesn't involve money?

I sort of missed my psychedelic drug window. I was too busy raising my girls.


Adam: So this is what you looked like on your wedding day?
Bonnie: No. I wore my mother's gray, wool dress. It hid the bump that would eventually become Becca.

est Leader: Are you a football fan?
Kathleen: I am. Even when he and my brother would go to a game, I'd still sit in front of the TV and watch.
est Leader: Did he ever take you to a game?
Kathleen: Oh. No. But he only had two tickets.
est Leader: Didn't you ever think one of them could have been for you?

So you bounced from man to man desperately seeking what your father never gave you, but you're better than that, Kathleen.

est Leader

Peggy: We women have a way of putting what we want further and further out of our reach. You have opportunity, Diana. You go and do what I wasn't able to.
Diana: I will. I'm gonna make you proud of me.
Peggy: I'm already proud of you, honey.

Kathleen: Excuse me?
Man: Yes?
Kathleen: You're very well dressed.
Man: Thank you.
Kathleen: Are you a homosexual?

Peggy: This tuna fish sandwich has given me terrible heartburn. I think the tuna might have gone bad. You want the other half?
Diana: You just said that it went bad.
Peggy: Oh, you've got a strong stomach. You're just like your father. He could eat an old shoe and be ready for anything.
Diana: Thanks, Mom.

American Woman Quotes

Steve: Are you watching this?
Bonnie: Not really. I just had it on.
Steve: Do you understand what she's talking about? Because I don't.
Bonnie: I think some women want to work and have a career like Diana's doing. I don't think it's that crazy.
Steve: Yeah, I guess, but it's no picnic out there in the real world. I mean, I feel like you women have it real good. I mean, why complain?

Kathleen: Now I got a man, and I'm doing everything I can to keep him.
Diana: Why are you worried you're gonna lose him?
Kathleen: Well, I'm not WORRIED. Greg is great. He's so sweet and attentive, but there's just no spark. Sometimes I think I just might not be his type.
Bonnie: Well, what is his type?