I never wanted to be a mother. Not until they put you and your sister in my arms, and I will always be here for you. Always.


Frankie: I like your mom.
Craig: You don't know her.
Frankie: She's cool. A survivor.

Smurf: You're smart, J. Are you that smart? You better be careful.
J: Why?
Smurf: Well with Mia. I don't want another little mouth running around here to feed.

I'm going to take it all, Smurf. Everything you have. Everything you've ever cared about. Everyone you've ever loved.


Take off your clothes. Leave the heels on.


Craig: So what are you going to steal?
Frankie: Everything, baby. Absolutely everything.

Smurf: How long are you going to keep punishing me, Deran?
Deran: I think until you stop dragging me in all your buillshit.

Word is bond, son, word is bond.


Smurf has you thinking small.


Deran: I think you need to do something to keep yourself busy in between jobs.
Pope: Why?
Deran: Because, man, you get weird when you don't have anything to do.

I don't have friends.


What are you gonna do? You gonna kill her?


Animal Kingdom Season 3 Quotes

Nachos? Jesus Christ. Does anybody look hungry? Nobody is hungry! Sit your ass down!

Pope [to Nicky]

Being a grandmother is the reward they give you for raising those bitches.