He's like the Pelé of fetch.

So you beat up a Nazi, a nerd and queen of the robots?


The nation state equivalent of the short bus.

Somehow we're in a crazy universe where bonuses are based on merit and not whether you crawled out of your mother.


any idiot can got shot cyril. Ask Brett.


It's no secret agent, but it's way above architect.


Is something burning? Oh wait, it's you because you just got burned.

Ray: Should you be smoking in here?
Lance: Should you be flaming in here? Boom, bumper.

Lana: Why is there a camera?
Lance: I assume because this restaurant can't hold 3 million viewers

Who am I. Lewis and/or Clark?

I bet $300 seems pretty cheap for a map right now.

Are you constantly aware you have regular leg bones?


Archer Season 4 Quotes

Ray: Ooh! Here's an idea. Why don't you just saw your God damned head off?
Cyril: Geez. What's up your butt?
Ray: Nothing is up my butt, Cyril. Oh, or maybe there is. I wouldn't know because I'm paralyzed from the waist down and it's Archer's fault!
Krieger: Uh, gettin' some mileage out of that, huh?

Malory: Duly noted and disregarded. And I expect you to be totally convincing.
Lana: As the damsel in distress? Have you ever met a woman less damselly?
Malory: Pam.