Pull it off? What is it, a bank job?


I think by saying noting yesterday to Gloria when she was confused and embarassed, you actually said quite a lot.


Your leaders go down this is how you honor them? Buy letting discipline goes to hell? I am disgusted by what I see. Poor discipline leads to poor performance. And I am not going to let my ass get shot off because one of you clowns got lazy. What you've been through up here? It ends right now. Do I make myself clear?


Pat: As son of the Division Commander, Sir, I'd like the opportunity to stand in front of my men on my own the first time.
Frank: I see. And you think having the Brigade Commander with you would get in your way. Is that right?
Pat: Yes Sir. It is.
Frank: Well now I have a problem, Lieutenant, because I promised your father I'd look after you once you got here. I think I've done that now. So if I got a message compelling me to return to McCarther immediately, I think General Clarke would understand, don't you?
Pat: Yes Sir, I think he would Sir.

C'mon Colonel. You made it here, don't miss out on the game.


C'mon, can you really see Gloria as an officer's wife?


Gloria: Jackie?
Jackie: Why don't we just talk about this tomorrow?
Gloria: Okay.

I've never been the weepy wife before and I'm not going to start now.


I know all about bad days. They sneak up on ya, don't they?


Look, I may not know much, but I know things like this don't happen every day.


Frank: What can I do to help baby?
Denise: Nothing honey, it's just really good to hear your voice.

What was I? Just some piece of ass before you went off to war?


Army Wives Season 7 Quotes

Claudia Joy was his anchor, and I can't imagine a world without Claudia Joy in it.


Michael: She's gone.
Denise: What?
Michael: Claudia Joy. She's gone.