Mia: Mom, it seems like there is something really personal about you stopping Galaxy. Is that about Dad?
Felicity: No. It's not. That one is on me.

Mia: I can't even imagine having an entire city turn on you, turn on dad.
Felicity: Mia, you are so much like your father. Out in the field. So badass. I am so proud of you.

I spent these last years hating vigilantes because I hated you.


Nobody wants to tell you this, but your festival sucks.


Isn't this what you trained me for? I can handle a CEO. I got this.


You were right. The attack for Star City is happening tonight, and there was no plan to evacuate.


Mia: So, what did we miss.
Felicity: You came back.
Mia: Don't make a big thing of it.

But the same applies to superhero kids. We need to learn to share our parents and be a little selfless.


Mia: For once in your life, Mom, put your family first!
Felicity: Being a hero, Mia, means choosing other people's safety over your own, including family. That's why I hid my work from you, to protect you from having to make difficult decisions like this.
Mia: You should have just been honest with me from the beginning!
Felicity: I should've. You are right. I am so sorry. Being a hero is my purpose. I can't leave

You would rather go play hero than do what's best for your daughter!


Mia: Stay back and in the elevator. Understood?
William: You know, I'm so enjoying these heartfelt brother/sister moments.
Mia: You're just more use to me not dead.
William: I'm sorry. Do you ... care about me?
Mia: Yeah, maybe. I'm also not the only one. You know the angel investors where you got all your capital? I think Mom might have had something to do with that.

Dinah: How is it you got all of the age but none of the wisdom? They're playing you, Rene. Galaxy is just a front for Eden Corp.
Rene: Eden Corp doesn't exist anymore. And even if it did? If Galaxy was run by a terrorist organization, I would know!
Dinah: Just like you knew Galaxy was paying cops to fake Felicity's death? Yeah. Yeah, she's still alive, Rene.

Arrow Season 7 Episode 16 Quotes

I don't lose.


Tattoo Artist: What's the black star for?
Mia: My mom once told me that all the starlight we see had so far to travel that they might not exist anymore. Eventually, they all fade to black. Erased. That's where I wanna be.