The Monitor: Where I am taking you, there is no return.
Felicity: I have waited a very long time to see him. I'm ready.

Felicity: Wherever you go, whatever happens to you, you'll never leave me. On our wedding day, you told me I was the best part of you, but the truth is we are the best parts of each other and that is so much bigger than the friggen universe.
Oliver: When I came back to Star City to start my mission, I didn't think that I was capable or deserving of love. But you opened up my heart in ways I never thought was possible. My only regret is not telling you I loved you sooner.

I...I...I wanted to be a Queen.


Diggle: You know the spirit of this place will live long after we're gone. You've inspired so many people Oliver. They will carry on your legacy.
Oliver: Sounds like a cycle for good.
Diggle: Far better than that. A cycle of heroes who will fight to defend this city with every fiber of their being.
Felicity: Anyone ever told you, you always know exactly what to say?
Diggle: I have been told.

Roy: Maybe it's better if I'm six feet under.
Dinah: Dying is the coward's way out. Everyday that you stay alive, you try to redeem yourself for that messed up thing you did because this world is a better place with a hero like you.

Hey, um, random question. Did you add another hero to your Justice League?


Tommy: You are living proof that people can change, and you have got to find a way to see that in her (Emiko) too.
Oliver: I don't know if I can.
Tommy: That's okay. That's the risk you got to take.

Felicity: Your father and I never wanted to let you go.
William: But you did, and then even after everything that happened you still stayed away like I wasn't even a part of this family.
Mia: Ooh, and I thought we had problems. I'm just going to go do anything else.

I wanted to invent something that could save the city and instead I invented something that could destroy it. Oh my god, I'm a mad scientist. Oh my god no, it's so much worse than that. Oh my god, oh my god...I'm my dad!


Emiko: You lied to me, you betrayed me and you killed my mother.
Dante: Emiko, you don't understand.
Emiko: Stop lying and tell me why?
Dante: She was the last reminder of your former life. Your mother was making you weak just like your father did, and I needed you strong to lead the Ninth Circle.
Emiko: She was the only family I had.
Dante: No. We are your family. Don't you see? I did it for you!
Emiko: [Stabs him]. This is for my mother...rot in hell.

Mia: I'm sorry.
Connor: It's not your fault.
Mia: No, it's just I got so mad at you for lying to me that I never thought about how much it sucked for you, and not having anybody to share things with.
Connor: Life...was unfair to both of us.

Diggle: Why did you let me believe a lie?
General Stewart: Every child deserves to believe his father is a hero, and believing it, you became one. If he could see you today, I know he would be so proud of you.
Diggle: If I'm a hero, it's all because of you. Sir.

Arrow Season 7 Quotes

William: The last call out was to someone named Black Star.
Zoe: That doesn't sound ominous at all. I swear to god if this gets me killed I'm gonna murder you.
William: Noted.

Vigilantes were the death of Star City and they got exactly what they deserved.