Felicity Smoak is killing people now? I really have missed a lot.


Felicity: Well, I'm having deja vu in the best way possible.
Sara: Did Dinah read you the riot act?
Felicity: Nothing I can't handle.
Sara: You've come a long way from IT girl secretly crushing on Oliver Queen.
Felicity: Apparently it wasn't much of a secret. Everybody knew. Zero poker face. And I always wondered. Were you flirting with me all those times you said I was cute?
Sara: Why; were you into it?
Felicity: Of course, 'cause it's you!

Laurel: So you're a terrorist for hire.
Shadow Thief: I prefer mercenary with perks.

Dinah: You cannot seriously think she's still capable of redemption after what we just saw.
Felicity: That is harsh, especially coming from the person who wrongly accused her of murder.
Dinah: So you're saying what Laurel's doing is my fault?!
Felicity: OUR fault. Maybe if we had been a better support system for her...
Dinah: Laurel did not become Black Siren because we were bad friends, Felicity. That is a choice she made on her own, it is not the inevitable consequence of something we did. Everything that has happened since she got fired is ON HER.
Felicity: I think you're being hard on her because you feel guilty.
Dinah: And I think you need to drop the blinders.

Sara: I know you're not my sister, but in another world, you could have been, and my father believed in you.
Laurel: Well, he was wrong. But you're right about one thing. You're not my sister.

Laurel: Oh, I thought you'd be happy. You were right about me all along. Ohhh, and it's too bad that you don't have your cry anymore.
[Canary cry]
Sara: But I still have mine.
Felicity: What an entrance! Oh, and feel free to tell Laurel's new friend that it's a bad idea to leave vault schematics just hangin' around her lair.

Galaxy One just decimated the entire Canary network. If you want to even the odds, you get out there and fight the hell back. If you don't, we're all dead.


Felicity: Stopping those bombs prompted Galaxy One to put their master plan in motion expanding Archer's influence in Star City and making sure they take out any and all opposition.
Dinah: Starting with the Canaries. How many have we lost?
Felicity: I'm waiting on a body count from Roy, William, and Connor. But they've already confirmed ten dead and five missing.

Look, I'm really sorry if you thought we had a real friendship, but it was all just an act. And don't you dare try to stop me.


Dude: Do you think an arrow is going to stop me?
Oliver: I think a tranq arrow will. [whispers to Diggle] Do we know him?

So she's using her DA resources to identify targets. That's clever. Bad! Very bad.


Felicity: Emiko framed Laurel because Laurel told Oliver her secret.
Dinah: Well, it still doesn't change anything.
Felicity: Of course it does. Did you hear what I just said?
Dinah: Even if Laurel didn't kill Angel Hernandez, she's back to being Black Siren.