[after Brandy kills a Deadite] I've never been so proud.

Pablo: This is it Ash. Everything that's ever been foretold: The Necronomicon, your destiny, it all comes down to this moment. It's the final test Jefe.

Come get some!

Lexx: How do you feel, Sire?
Ash: Groovy.

Kelly: [after being resurrected] Ugh! I look like Keith Richards!
Brandy: I'm thinking more Iggy Pop.

Brandy: Is this really the best time to be getting baked?
Ash: I'm not gonna fight that thing with a clear head!

Enough! I don't know much about this "Evil Dead" crap, and I know even less about why it chose you, but it did. You're the Savior of humanity, so get on your damn feet and own up to who you are. In the short time that I have known you, I have seen things that I'd never thought existed, seen you do things that I never thought possible. You taught me to trust you, you taught me to believe in you, and I do. So please don't let me down now.


My father always said I ran from my fights, Brandy. I'm not running from this one.

Oh you stop right there sugar lips, the last time we made a deal I got jack shit out of it okay?

Brandy: Why do I feel like this?
Pablo: Uh, I have a feeling it's the residual effects of being brought back from the dead.
Brandy: [referring to Ash] Well, how come he's not sick then?
Ash: I don't get hangover's either.

Poor Ruby, I'm melting! Fuck off bitch!

Pablo: Ay dios mio Jefe, I'm seeing through the eyes of the Necronomicon!
Brandy: The Necro-whatacon?
Ash: Oh, it's a gnarly book. It's the reason behind all this crap.

Ash vs Evil Dead Quotes

Eeeeaaaaaaaa! We are near! You're time comes again!


I'm getting a little winded. Mind if we take a break and focus on me for a minute?