Ash: Holy hacksaw, that's a little me!
Natalie: That is yours?
Ash: Yeah, well it's not like I had sex with Ruby, but look at it. Look at the eyes, and the chin, and that little saw. What is that dastardly Ruby up to now!?

You made it Pablito. But your journey, is far from over.


Brujo: You will accomplish what none have before. You will have span between two realms. One foot in the underworld, the other on the earthly plain. You, Pablo, will become: El Brujo Especial.
Pablo: Wait, isn't that the name of a beer?

Holy CIA., Ruby's been surveilling my ass for decades! She could have killed me anytime, anywhere.

Pablo: How about a ride on the Pablo-stache Kelly?
Kelly: You're not tall enough!

Brock: Scared, are we?
Ash: I've had a little experience with dead bodies in cellars dad.

Brock: That bastard ate my spam! That was my civil defense stash.
Ash: The guy ate it because somebody locked him in the cellar dad, he was trying to survive.
Brock: Oh ... not my fault, he's the one that took the header.

Kelly: You're okay?
Brandy: Okay? Ash just sliced open some guy I thought was my grandfather with a chainsaw. I'm so far from okay I don't even know what okay is.
Kelly: Makes high school seem a lot less awful am I right?

Ash: Nice try Ruby. You Think I'm stupid? Think I don't know my own father when I see him?
Brock: Poor Ashley. Life just keeps serving up the shit sandwich.

Ash may be a perverted drunk with racist tendencies, but ... he has his moments


Brock: What's she like?
Ash: Stubborn as shit, and she hates my guts.
Brock: So she's smart. Like her already.

Funeral Director: You must be the husband of the deceased.
Ash: Yeah for like an hour and a half.

Ash vs Evil Dead Quotes

Eeeeaaaaaaaa! We are near! You're time comes again!


I'm getting a little winded. Mind if we take a break and focus on me for a minute?