Britten: How can it be worse than not moving?
Rex: Maybe you go backwards.

This profilers, man, they just a cut above psychic's they make a broad generalization that apply to almost anybody then congratulate themselves for being right no matter what turns up.


When Hannah imagines things good again, are you a part of it?


Britten: She read to you?
Vega: Naked.
Britten: You and I have different definitions of perfect.

I know you think I just want to run away, but I don't. I don't want to forget him.


Do you believe your wife is dead Detective Britten? I wonder if this is why you've having such difficulty connecting with Rex. How can you expect to help your son through his loss when you're denial over that same loss.


Vega: Are you gonna introduce me?
Britten: Absolutely not.

Every time the answers become clear you try to find ways to cover them up.


The old fashioned way we go play detective.


Like everything else, things are different, but equally plausible.


Britten: You wanna shower with me? Save the environment.
Hannah: Ah, well, for the sake of the environment.

Rex: He tries to hard. He always wants to talk and hang out like we're best friends or something.
Tara: This is your complaint?
Rex: I just don't want to deal with it right now.
Tara: He almost lost you. I think you can handle a few hugs and some awkward conversation.
Rex: He's not the problem, I am.

Awake Quotes

Trust me, when it comes to letting one of them go I have no desire to ever make progress.


Hannah: Are you gonna see him tonight?
Britten: Yeah.
Hannah: Tell him I love him.
Britten: I will.