Welcome to karma-geddon bitch.


Jenna: What are you gonna do?
Tamara: Tell him to go f*** himself.

Jake: What color's your dress?
Jenna: Not peach.

Wanna see my penis?


Valerie: Happy Birthday, Jenna!
Jenna: Up until that moment, the rumors of my death wish had been greatly exaggerated.

Watching an emotional train wreck was awesome unless you're the one getting hit.


Tamara: She is so jacked up on Jesus.
Jenna: I'm glad we're friends again.
Tamara: We're not.
Jenna: It was a friendship drive by.

Lissa: And now everyone probably thinks I'm unstable.
Valerie: ...honey that probably has more to do with your twitchy eye than your outburst.

Matty: Hey home wrecker! Did I cross a line?
Jenna: No, the line is across my cheek.

What the hell is a sex touch?


He was a remedial speller and that was proof enough for me to exonerate him.


Reseda? Where the f was Reseda?


Awkward Season 1 Quotes

Hey! Stop! Don't touch me there that sir is my no no square.


Jenna: This year would be my year. For once I wouldn't be overlooked not with Matty at my... backdoor!
Matty: Oh sorry, I slipped.