Sam: You know, you're a fuckin' prick man.
Barry: Alright.
Sam: And don't forget -- I fucked her first. I got her when that shit was tight.

Yeah? Well, maybe you spooked him! Did you ever think of that, dipshit?!


No, you don't get it. When I get angry, I don't like who I become.

Gene: OK. So here's my advice. You never tell that story again as long as you live because basically, you killed somebody and you got away with it.
Barry: See, that's why I didn't want to tell you, 'cause you're gonna look at me differently. You're gonna look at me like I'm a murderer, like I'm a violent piece of shit.
Gene: Barry? Listen to me. I had a son. I was terrible to this son. I was cruel. I was selfish. And there's nothing I can do to change that. But I don't want to be that guy anymore, and I pray that human beings can change their nature, because if they can't then you and I are in deep trouble.
Barry: OK. How do we do that?
Gene: I think we're doing it already. You didn't beat that guy up, did you? You came here. You're talking about your feelings instead of acting out your feelings. And as for my son, the first time I reached out to him after years and years, I got a big "Fuck you, dad." But today, today he brought me strawberries.
Barry: Do you think I'm a bad person, Mr. Cousineau?
Gene: I think you're deeply human. You did a terrible thing. But do I think that defines you? No. That's why I don't think you should tell this story in front of the class. Also, they will shit themselves. I mean, they're children.

What? You think I'm booking all these weak women because I was weak in my marriage? Well, you're wrong! I was not weak. I left.


An idea -- There is an embellishment called the Denehey Balloon. Actually, it's a colostomy bag filled with blood that Brian Denehey used during Deathtrap. When he was shot, he would [squeezes his side and moans].


What if we made it about ourselves for a change?! Now, Barry. You're gonna tell that story from Afghanistan. The rest of you? You're gonna find your sheep-fucker moments. Then we'll take them all and we are going to mold them into a show that we will play in front of a paying audience and the occasional VIP comp.


Gene: OK. I know you were just a fetus, but is this close to your experience?
Natalie: From what I can remember, yes.

Barry: Am I evil?
Hank: Huh?
Barry: Am I like, an evil person?
Hank: Oh my God! I mean. Absolutely! Do I not tell you that enough? You are like the most evil guy I know, man!
Barry: You know, I take no pleasure in killing people. You know that, right?

Gene: You, sir, are doing Afghanistan.
Barry: See, I wanted to do a story about meeting you.
Gene: [snaps his head around] Go on.
Barry: Yeah, you know, being in this clash, and uh, seeing you teach, and uh-
Gene: So you want to tell the story of meeting me? I'll allow it.

So, Mr. Fuches, I have your tooth at the scene of a quadruple homicide. How does that happen?

Det. Loach

Gene: Barry, you're gonna do the story from Afghanistan.
Barry: What?
Gene: Just be yourself. Afghanistan.

Barry Quotes

Cristobal: We were just discussing Thomas Freedman. Did you read that one yet?
Hank: OK. You gave me like, a lot of books. I have not found the time.
Esther: You must make the time.
Hank: Please do not evesdrop. [pause] Thank you.

Cristobal: Tell me. What is the one thing we here have wanted to dip our toes in?
Hank: Chocolate.
Cristobal: Heroin.
Hank: Heroin.

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