Oh, mother. What have I done?


Norman: You've always been there with me. To keep me safe.
Mother: Yes. We are two parts of the same person. Both are very real. But there's one thing you don't know. The pain that I would keep you from feeling? You need to feel it. Like Adam wanting all the knowledge and eating the apple in the Garden of Eden? You get the truth, but you also see the pain. We are partners now, Norman. You have no choice. We are on equal footing.

No one made anyone up. We all just exist like orphan planets spinning around in space with no purpose. It's all we know, and it's not real.


Norman: I'm not confused. I think for the first time in a long while I'm actually starting to have some clarity.
Mother: Nothing like a crazy person announcing their own clarity.

Tragedies don't make sense that is why they are so horrible.


Take it from me, she had a darkness.


Norman: It's hard to be lonely. But it's also hard to love people. I think that that's the trap.
Marion: Trap?
Norman: Yes. The little private trap that everyone lives in. You need people, but that need can destroy us. Once you care about someone it rules you. And who even knows at the end of the day if that person is who you really think they are? Or if they're even real at all?

Marion: Do you hunt or something?
Norman: Oh, no. I just enjoy stuffing things.

Wow. This is retro.


Norman: The only secret between us is that you don't exist. I made you up. My mother is not here. Now get out of my way.
Mother: If I'm not here, then why am I here?
Norman: Because of the girl who checked in. Because she's attractive. You see? Now I'm starting to understand it all now.

Mother: What kind of game are we playing tonight, Norman?
Norman: It's not a game. I'm insane. Can't keep things straight. I forgot that I cleaned up.
Mother: You're mad because I left.
Norman: I'm not mad. Except in a British sense of the word like the Mad Hatter. In that way I am mad. But the world is full of mad people that function, many of whom are heads of state so I think I can manage running a motel.

Dr. Edwards: Do you remember what I told you about her?
Norman: Sometimes I see mother when she's not there and sometimes I become her.

Bates Motel Quotes

Oh and by the way? My mother died. Here's your lunch.


Dylan: Norman's 18. He should not be sleeping in the same bed as his mom.
Norma: You're overreacting. He just fell asleep. It's not a big deal.