You can't just leave me here, Mother! You can't just leave me here, alone, in this abyss, where I can't find you!


Mr. Wilcock: I think it would be best if you leave. I don't want to have to call the police.
Alex: I am the police, dumbass.

Norman: Mother said you were gone.
Dylan: Yeah, well, I'm gone to her. Well, for now anyway. I can't do it anymore. I doubt she'll ever reach out to me.
Norman: Probably not for a while.

Mr. Wilcock: Do you understand what embalming is?
Norman [smiles]: I do taxidermy.

Norman: What are you gonna do, kill me in the hallway?
Alex: No, I'm gonna prove you did it, you piece of shit.

Police: How long were you married to Norma Bates?
Alex: Two weeks.
Police: I'm very sorry.

Dylan [grabbing Norman in a hug]: Norman, you're not well. You have to check yourself back into Pineview. Please. Mom's not going to do it for you. You have to do it for yourself.
Norman: What are you talking about?
Norma: Don't say anything to him.
Dylan [hugs Norman]: Goodbye, Norman.
Norman: Dylan, what's going on? What's happening? Mother?

Norma: Dylan, I'm your mother!!!
Dylan: You've never been a real mother to me! NEVER!!!

Dylan: Because I'm afraid of what's gonna happen! Of what's already happened!
Norma: Stop being dramatic! You're just inventing all of this. You're making shit up because you're jealous of him. You always have been!

Five minutes of marriage doesn't give you the right to make decisions about my son.


Alex, that was the hardest part. Things will be better now.


So, I hear you and your husband are going to be cleaning up my basement.


Bates Motel Season 4 Quotes

Audrey: You really are nice, aren't you?
Norma: Emma told you that the one time you ran into her in the village?

Norma: I need you to get him out.
Alex: Norma, I'm not magical.