What's the difference between being hopeful and being crazy?

Kate Kane

My cousin figured it out years ago -- Be more terrifying than your enemy.

Kate Kane

Kate: You know who you sound like?
Luke: I'm sure you'll tell me.
Kate: Lucius Fox.
Luke: Trust me, I am a far cry from my father.
Kate: Oh, I know. He was actually useful.

Kate: Anyone who knows me knows I hate Batman.
Sophie: So does your dad. Which would make putting on this suit an incredibly reckless move.
Kate: Wasn't me. Besides, if I were going to save you in a dramatic fashion, I would totally dress as Wonder Woman.

Crow: She's got a knife.
Kate: Drop it or they'll shoot you and call it self-defense.
Alice: Not if you stay put.

Look, I get the whole needing to know with Alice because she's your sister and.. duh, sisters. But her boyfriend tried to kill me last night because apparently she sees me as her replacement. Which, under normal circumstances, could, y'know, maybe be borderline flattering. Except here, it's just ironic considering the most sisterly thing you've ever done for me is pretty much act like I don't exist.


Sophie: I would never lie to you. I won't ever lie to you.
Kate: Are you happy?
Sophie: Yes.
Kate: Yes or 'ish'?

Luke: Did you get the suit wet?
Kate: Okay, so I couldn't find the auto-dry function?
Luke: Yeah, cause it's not a thing.
Kate: Ten point eight MILLION dollar suit. Kind of feels like an oversight. Just saying.

Gotham needed something to believe in. They wanted hope just as I was starting to lose mine.


Do be careful, my dear sister. Putting on that suit and all the darkness that comes with it makes you just as crazy as me.