Luke: Okay, so, I'm just supposed to ignore the fact that I'm still angry as hell?
Diggle: No, brother. Don't ignore it. Use it. You carry the torch for the great Fox family. You stand for justice. You're going to need anger to win that fight.

Safiyah: I have reason to believe Circe's unique attributes could benefit us both.
Roman: Whatever it is, I don't want her involved. She's finally got her life back.
Safiyah: Last I heard, she was running around with a tree stapled to her face.

Jacob: You're coming with us, kiddo.
Alice: Is she wearing yoga pants? This is so much worse than I thought.

Sophie: What, you just carry one of those around?
Mary: Yeah, a syringe chock-full of benzos? Comes in handy in Gotham.

I've been running from this fight my whole life, and it has gotten me nowhere.


He was saying that the DNA checks out, but Kate thinks she's Circe Sionis, and she's been alive this entire time, which doesn't actually make sense because Julia wouldn't lie to us and say that she found Kate's skull because everybody knows that you can't survive without a SKULL!


I've always held the belief that a woman has a right to decide exactly who she wants to be.


Jacob: Enigma worked on you too?
Alice: Daddy. You don't get this extra without a little shove.

Tavaroff: You stalking me, Fox? This is law enforcement only.
Luke: They let you in. And last I checked, your new occupation is unemployed haircut.

Okay, I'm going to take your hands. Just, um, don't break mine.


Kate: I remember now. You found me. But I couldn't find you.
Alice: It's okay. There's still time.

The fact that I've broken into this parking structure more times than I can count says the Crows maybe weren't all that great at security anyway.


Batwoman Quotes

Native American Trainer: Too slow.
Kate Kane: You covered the damn hole!
Native American Trainer: And you found way. Own way. Tomorrow, find faster.

Trust me, this isn't the story I expected to be telling. But you know as well as I do that stories, like the people who tell them, aren't always what they seem.

Kate Kane