Cat: Just one more mission, right? Then it's just you and me again.
Vincent: I just wish I knew what triggered it.

Agent Reynolds: I was hoping you'd trust me.
Cat: It's going to take more than a cup of coffee for that. But it's a start.

Cat: That is Gabe. He's going to kill you.
Winsor: You're enjoying this, aren't you?
Cat: A little. But lucky for you, I'm in a father/daughter reunion kind of a mood. Don't ask
me why.

Cat: Gabe has an idea.
Vincent: Hmm. Let me guess. Flatlining? Ahhh. Give me a break.

He told me the only reason he's not as bad as my father is because he has someone special. That's you, right?


Oh yeah, hey Curt, would you mind beasting out so we can kill you and then after you flatline we may or may not be able to, you know, shock your human side back to life? I'm sure he'll go for that.


Cat: I'm sorry. I am late for work, but I was hoping we could meet tomorrow for coffee or something so we could, you know, talk.
Agent Reynolds: About?
Cat: About why you've been hiding the truth from me. Dad.

Tess: I'm sorry. I'm still not clear as to why it's bad that he only has two missions.
Gabe: Because if I'm right, the last mission could very well be Vincent.

I just spoke to my contact and he says that I only have two more missions left and then I am done. I am free.


OK - Agent Reynolds is not my dad. He's my biological father. There is a difference.