Oh, and boys, Sally isn't here any more.


Henry: I told you I can't kill a man.
Aidan: I know, but that was before you met me.

Five second rule!


You say you love her, but look what you did. Now, I either bring her in closer or I break her heart. Either way, I destroy her.


You didn't come to the hospital to see me. You were following Julia.


Aidan: He's not getting any better and he needs food.
Sally: Oh, are we talking take out that comes in a bag or the kind with a pulse? You know what? Bring him a whole herd of cattle. What do I care.

Stu: I heard you're a werewolf. You're kind of a big deal back home.
Josh: Great. I'm huge in Ithaca.

Aidan: I made him, Josh. He's my son.
Josh: Did you make him without skin?!

The most screwed up part about being here with you? Is this feels almost normal. Confiding in you like we used to.


Emma: I can walk you know.
Josh: No, we tried that and you fell, remember?

It was the only way. I told Suren that you would deliver the orphans to us. In exchange, she'd spare you.


Licking strangers. This is uh, this is a new one for me. Licking people. That's disgusting.


Being Human Season 2 Quotes

Freedom is just a pretty way to say you've gone off the grid. That you're out of options.


Tommy, I've only been at this a few weeks.