Brian: Why don't we have a barbecue at my house tomorrow? We can wait there and chill.
Jennie: If by chill you mean emotional eating and alcohol...?
Brian: That's exactly what I mean.
Jennie: Yes.
Ian: Sounds good, Bri.

Ian: I like Anna. There's something about her. I know it doesn't make sense on paper, but if she'd only give me a chance to get to know her.
Brian: You know her.
Ian: Oh, shut up. I'm not talking about sex. I can have sex whenever I want to.
Brian: Oh, please, really? Still?

Jason: You are a lot of work.
Jennie: Yes, I am. But I'm worth the effort.

Brenda wasn't a troublemaker. Kelly was. Kelly was a slut!


Ian: Come on, Christine. The O.C. was a ripoff of 90210. We were often imitated, but never duplicated.
Christine: Maybe. But Mischa Barton is tweeting up a storm. And she comes back from the dead.

Shannen: Okay, let me ask you something. When you asked him to call you dad, did you ask because it's what you wanted or because you thought it's what he wanted?
Brian: Both.
Shannen: There you have it. Look, you're father and son. Just focus on Zach right now. And you'll tell people when the time is right.

Jamie: You guys know I quit acting and became a firefighter, right? I put out fires, I don't start em. Why are you guys accusing me of this stuff?
Tori: Because you pushed me down the stairs. Well, my character. Remember all the hate mail you got over that?
Jamie: Yeah, yeah. Pretty much ruined my acting career.
Ian: You don't think maybe it had anything to do with that song?

Jason: You have no idea the amount of pressure I'm under.
Jennie: Here? Or at home?
Jason: Don't you worry about what's going on in my home.
Jennie: I will worry about it. It's affecting me.
Jason: Because you're a narcissist.
Jennie: I'm an actor. We're all narcissists.

Shannen: You guys, I can't believe that we're really doing this!
Jennie: I know. No turning back now, bitches!
Tori: Nope! The cameras are rolling. I should have gotten more botox.

Anna: Are you nervous?
Ian: Nervous? Heck no. Playing Steve Sanders is like falling off a bike.

Christine: It's 2019. Zero tolerance towards any inappropriate behavior.
Brian: I miss the 90's.
Jennie: Me too.
Tori: Me too.
Gabrielle: I'm good.

Gabrielle: Sorry, I didn't tell you I wasn't coming home last night.
Jason: Well, I guess that means it went well with Christine.
Gabrielle: I would say it definitely went well.
Jason: Who'd ever thought we'd go out with the same girl.
Gabrielle: Indeed.

BH90210 Quotes

Tori: Excuse me. Why is there no room on this plane?
Jennie: It's called coach.
Tori: What is it called?
Jennie: Coach.

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Mama's got six kids. Do you know how much college bribery money I'm gonna need?

Tori [to Jennie]