Christine [to Gabrielle]: Some of your castmates are great social media whores. You could learn from them.
Gabrielle: Wow. So many levels there.

Jennie: What I can't believe is there is still a stalker out there. Kind of sucks the joy out of things.
Jason: Come on Jen, give yourself some credit. You can do that all on your own.
Jennie: Oh, thank you for noticing.

Jason: Kyler's the exact same age you were when we started 90210. She's strong-willed, hotheaded, looking to rebel.
Jennie: Hm, yes. Well must be karma.
Jason: She wants to be just like you. But she doesn't want you to know that.
Jennie: She's doing a very good job of hiding it.
Jason: It's difficult to fail in front of the person you want to be like, especially at her age.
Jennie: You're making a lot of sense. It's really irritating.

Anna: Why are you helping me?
Ian: You're ambitious. You care about your work. I like that. Plus, I'm trying this new thing where I don't make it all about me.
Anna: Thank you.

Jason: I got some juicy stuff in here, IZ.
Ian: Juicy? Are there some juicy muffins over there?
Jennie: Will you two both just stop saying juicy, please? It's really gross.

I just want you to remember one thing. This is a billion dollar property for Fox. And Shannen better be on board. Don't screw it up.

Christine [to Tori]

Anna: Are you seriously commenting on my physical appearance? That is so inappropriate.
Ian: It's just a compliment.
Anna: And I don't want one.

Ian: When did it become inappropriate to compliment a woman?
Brian: I think it was like 2007 when it turned the corner.
Ian: If I didn't compliment Stacy every hour, she'd be all over me.
Jason: Dude, you probably should have taken that as a sign.

Shay: Hire whoever you want, with absolutely no taste in music or fashion. But when it all goes wrong, don't blame me.
Brian: I will not, because you are perfect.
Shay: I am. And that's why you married me.

Jennie: Tor, what if I care about Jason Priestley?
Tori: Oh my god.
Jennie: What if it's more than that?
Tori: How could this even be? You're so mean to him.
Jennie: It's part of my charm.

It's actually kinda nice to be back.


Jennie: This is surreal, right?
Tori: What? That we're so old we all need readers?
Brian: Bananas. I keep thinking, "What the hell have I done?"

BH90210 Quotes

Tori: Excuse me. Why is there no room on this plane?
Jennie: It's called coach.
Tori: What is it called?
Jennie: Coach.

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Mama's got six kids. Do you know how much college bribery money I'm gonna need?

Tori [to Jennie]