You left me to fend for myself and nothing is resolved?


Katia: You know, for people who want to keep their secret hidden, you aren't exactly subtle with your art.
Nick: I think it's understated, with a hint of whimsy.

Jeremy: You're asking me to risk everything.
Elena: He's my father. They're my family.
Jeremy: My hands are tied Elena. I'm sorry. This is his fight alone.

Alexei: No! Elena wouldn't let this happen. She's our sister, right?
Katia: No, it doesn't matter. Don't you get it? Alpha's stick together. She doesn't have any say!

You've seen the way Jeremy has been asking these past eight months, right? I'm just saying. He might not see it like you do.


Elena: When you first saw me, what did you think?
Clay: I was pulled toward you, like no one else.
Elena: I know. I felt it too. Maybe we found each other because my father was a werewolf.
Clay: It doesn't matter. We still found each other.

Sasha: What makes you think Jeremy will want to help us?
Alexei: You're our sister. He'll want to help us. Right? Right?
Elena: I'll handle it.

Elena: I had help. Another wolf.
Clay: Who?
Elena: He said he was my father.

My son will drain the fluid from your eye and carve it out if you do not tell me right now where your brother is. Clay! Get the knife!


Joey died a hero's death, Nick. Don't ever forget that.


Hey, come on! Look, hey! You're fake traveling the world. You can send your family postcards from anywhere. Think about it!


There will no longer be a choice between pack or mutt. The choice will be pack or not being at all.