Clay: [grunts] Somebody's been dipping their wick.
Paige: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Clay: She's nothing but a little witch whore.
Nick: You're outta line right now! [hand to hand combat ensues]

Possession ways are always fatal to the possessed.


Aleister: By the time I'm done with your body, I will have broken that bitch's heart.
Clay: Not before she's ripped out yours.

Jeremy: How do we kill the body and not kill Clay?
Ruth: We can't.
Jeremy: Ruth, there has to be another way!

You're chasing the wrong enemy. It's not the other werewolves you should be worrying about.


Clay: I hate that it took me so long to find you.
Elena: You never will.

His last words were that he wished I would come find you. But now that I'm here I wish that I didn't because I brought so much danger into your world.


Nick: I can never come back. I can't risk it. For both of us.
Lily: I know. Goodbye my boy, my Nick.

Aleister: I am the lock. Show them who you trust, Savannah. Savannah, I am the lock.
Elena: [holding her hand out to Savannah] I am your friend.

You are a monster! And you deserve to suffer for it! You are going to stay her. Forever!


Hidden military bases aren't supposed to be easy to find. If I could I would, but I can't fly around looking for red roofs and lavender.


You witches and your talk of communing with nature and you don't know enough not to wear heels in the forest.