A predator just sees prey, and that's exactly what Savannah will look like to her.


My father had a particular technique. He had a belt buckle that said 'faith.' He used to beat his faith into me every single day.


Paige: I know. I just feel so powerless.
Nick: Powerless? Are you kidding me? The first time we met, you made my eyes bleed.

Guard, the werewolf's bugging me.


Paige: Well, if he's a witch...
Ruth: Not if, you know he's a witch.
Paige: Then that means that somebody broke the commandment.

Doctor: Good morning. How did you sleep?
Elena: Like a baby. Shot full of drugs.

Ruth: We come in peace:
Jeremy: You come empty handed.

The other werewolf I had lied to me. Malcolm wasn't the strongest after all.


Malcolm: You want to end this now?
Elena: Yes.
Malcolm: Then you'll die. I had such high hopes for you. I'm not going to enjoy this.
Elena: I will.

Ruth: Paige, are you OK?!
Paige: Yes. It's sort of like a gin hangover. Or, worse, schnapps.

Nick: It's like a witchy Skype call or witchy Face Time.
Logan: Would you listen?!

Paige: Look, a female werewolf.
Ruth: We'd heard of your existence, but to actually see one...
Paige: She seems just as barbaric as the rest of them.
Elena: Sorry, was it witch or bitch?