Now I know why you just called me on the phone. Because you know that if we're ever in the same room again... I am gonna kill you.

Weller [to Roman]

Zapata: There has to be an explanation. Reade is family.
Patterson: So was Borden.

Jane: Did I give up my child?
Roman: She was beautiful. You used to sing to her, rock her to sleep in your arms.
Jane: That song... It's true.
Roman: Why would I lie? The truth is painful enough.

Patterson: Okay, Jane has 33 new letters and numbers tattooed along her spine. The "backbone" of our case, if you will.
Kurt: We will not.

Weller: How do you know Jane?
Avery: She's my mother.

How could I forget I had a child? Forget that I gave birth?


If life was like Dungeons & Dragons, Jane, you would be an elf paladin, and Weller, you are a dwarf monk. That does make you, like, four feet tall, but you know what, I just thought you would think wizard is just, like, a little too nerdy.


Zapata: you just had to suit up with the bomb squad. Couldn't leave it to the professionals, could you?
Weller: I am a professional. Do you know how many training hours I put in with the bomb squad?
Jane: You wouldn't gone out there with zero hours.
Zapata: You're one to talk. I'm surprised you didn't try and squeeze into that suit and go with him.

Reade: We also can't wait to see how two of the most headstrong, ultra-competitive alphas are gonna function as a couple.
Zapata: Yes. This marriage is going to be extremely entertaining for all of us.

Jane, you never thought happiness was in the cards for you, and, well, you were right. You're too broken, sis. Love just isn't in your DNA. And Weller, whatever you think you have with my sister, it's built on a foundation of lies. Someday you will feel the same pain I felt when she turned her back on me. I'm sorry to be a downer on your special day, I really am, but there is more pain coming. And there is nothing either of you can do to stop it.


Rossi: I did your adoption. And you really don't remember anything? That's awful.
Jane: Maybe some things are better to forget.
Rossi: Your mother did this to you, didn't she? Or more likely she convinced you to do it to yourself. With some promise of a greater good or of a higher purpose? Am I close?

To the good times and the bad... may love rule mightily over both.


Blindspot Quotes

Jane: Please take him alive. He's the only one that might have answers.
Kurt: We'll try our best.

Someone did this to me. Took away my whole life and I can't do anything about it.