She's beautiful, smart, successful, no daddy issues. You better put a ring on that before I do.


Roman wants to expose things about us.


You know, just once I'd like to be kidnapped somewhere exotic.


Weller: How the hell did you know how to do that?
Jane: I have a lot of new tricks.

Zapata: How are you holding up?
Patterson: You want to know the truth? Not great. Say what you will about Silicon Valley but at least my coworkers didn't end up dead.

Jane: What do you want?
Roman: I want to know what it's like being back. With your husband, your old job, all your old friends.
Jane: These new tattoo cases, you're trying to take us down with them, aren't you?
Roman: This new person you've become, you refuse to see the bad in anyone.
Jane: Oh, so you're doing this to protect me?
Roman: No. You betrayed me, sis. I'm doing this to make you bleed.

Half the time I want my sister back. Half the time I want to kill her.


Just because she was hiding something doesn't mean you don't know her. It means you can use what you know to figure out the rest.


My loyalty is to bitcoin and immunity deals.


I don't care about the FBI. Or burning down the world. I'm trying to save it.


Jane: Where is this tattoo on my body?
Stewart: Left breast. Chest! Left chest area.

Weller: I spent a lot of money trying to find you.
Jane: How much?
Weller: All of it.

Blindspot Quotes

Jane: Please take him alive. He's the only one that might have answers.
Kurt: We'll try our best.

Someone did this to me. Took away my whole life and I can't do anything about it.