Danny: You're the sum of your own choices.
Lexi: That's not exactly reassuring.

Danny: What's that sound?
Lexi: Me complaining.

That's what happens when you come from a culture that doesn't haggle.

Lexi [to Danny]

Call me when you know something I don't.

Lexi [to Simon]

And you want me to go in tonight because I'm expendable.

Lexi [to Fabi]

So [Gwen] can laugh. Nice to know.

Lexi [to Danny]

Danny: Who goes to confession at dawn?
Chuck: Old ladies. They travel in packs.

I want my old phone back.

Lexi [to Fabi]

Jay: Do you want to tell us who your source is?
Lexi: Not unless you want to be complicit in a criminal conspiracy.

Lexi: So we lie.
Jay: So we bide our time until we can catch the son of a bitch.

If you come back to Egypt, you will get a reception to rival the pharoahs.

Gazal [to Danny]

I was there the first time you played stickball with [Danny's] guts.

Jay [to Lexi]