I'm sure I'll be seeing you guys soon enough. After all, the world is such a small place these days.


You're not getting this whole we-track-bad-guys-through-their-treasure thing.

Danny [to Farouk]

Danny: Reece has destroyed so many lives.
Lexi: I'm not going to let him destroy yours too.

Let's settle this like ladies, shall we?

Lexi [to Roarke]

Come on, little buddy.

Aiden [to Father Chuck]

I'm happy to say Dad the day of reckoning has arrived.

Simon [to Reece]

Lexi: I owe you an ass beating.
Roarke: I never got to finish yours.

To kill the beast, you must take its heart.


Lexi: [Jay's] going to pay for everything he's done.
Danny: Let's get to right.

[The Brotherhood] gave their lives to stop it.


[Jay's] been using me since Day 1.


Danny, you're the only thing in my life I'm truly proud of.

Reece [to Danny]