Farouk may be dead but the people who were protecting him are still out there.

Simon [to Gwen]

It's amazing how much you can enjoy a place when you're not running from security guards.

Matt [to Lexi]

Lexi: The Brotherhood may have given my mother purpose, but it's only given me pain.
Danny: You have to give yourself purpose.

Whoa! This place is amazing! Sorry.


I thought I'd feel better when Farouk is numb but I just feel numb.

Lexi [to Danny]

I'm soft and weak now, thanks to you.

Lexi [to Danny]

Taj: What is this is a trap?
Farouk: Every trap set for me I've escaped and left bodies behind.

Danny and Lexi aren't what's keeping you up at night.

Chuck [to Gwen]

That's my bit. [Danny] just stole my bit.


The mission continues. It is what your mother gave her life for.

Alina [to Lexi]

I've been visiting an empty grave for 20 years.

Lexi [to Alina]

Hey, can you grab my comfy shoes? And don't tell me who wins the game.

Father Chuck

Blood & Treasure Quotes

Danny: You should call the FBI.
Jay: I would if you still worked there.

Danny, there's no one better at tracking blood antiquities than you.

Jay [to Danny]