Three more people died last night because of this bad batch. That's five people and counting. You've got to start being straight with us.


Mia: You don't know what some of these kids have been through.
Jamie: It isn't about what these kids have been through. It's about what they did in that store.
Mia: No. It's about what's been done to them by the system.

Jamie: Who is this?
Eddie: The lady with the story full of holes.

WIlson: I'm just trying to follow your lead. Of all the attorneys in this office, you're the one I can learn most from.
Erin: Maybe you should learn that we serve the people of this city, that we get justice for every victim.

Woman: Idle hands do the devil's work, especially for these kind of kids.
Eddie: What kind of kids?

Baez: What's your relationship to the girls?
Woman: I look after them.
Baez: Look after them?
Woman: These are small town girls. The bright lights and big city are too much for them. I'm like the den mother.

Monsignor: It's the men in my position who have had a hand in moving the rotten apples to another barrel. So my word is diluted.
Frank: Why are you so certain he is innocent? If you want an investigation, we do it my way. The cop way.

Erin: Push them daily if you want any results by the end of the year.
Woman: It's April.
Erin: Exactly.

Limes: You can't change the system. You are the system.
Frank: So? Change can't come from within?

The problem with following people is sometimes you follow them into a trap.


Garett: You've been at 1 PP a long time, but you are not out of touch.
Sid: Things are different now than they used to be.
Frank: But at some point did I stop being a cop and start being a CEO of cops?

Limes: Sir, my family is NYPD too. It's in my blood too. So when I see something wrong, I call it out.
Frank: You called it out by manhandling a civilian? The suspension stands.

Blue Bloods Season 10 Quotes

Anthony: And who the hell is she?
Erin: High priced defense attorney for guilty clients.
Defense Attorney: I see you still haven't changed. You're still a cold hearted bitch.

Lenny: I gave her a courtesy card just in case.
Frank: In case she got picked up with narcotics?
Lenny: She was just holding them for a friend.
Frank: Oh.
Lenny: She's a good kid.
Frank: Says every father ever. A courtesy card lets nobody's kid skate on a felony. Not even mine.