Garret: You're literally gonna make this a tit for tat?
Frank: I prefer the term mutually beneficial agreement.

Kay: You'll be there for me?
Frank: Of course. Maybe we'll take in a movie.
Kay: They don't make movies for you and me anymore.
Frank: So we'll go to my house and watch Turner Movie Classics.

So somebody gave somebody something on a silver platter. Are we hooked?


Abigail: Why are you leaving out the obvious choice? The one person who could walk down the hall and get a result.
Frank: We don't do things like that...anymore.

Baez: Is it just me or are you hitting a brick wall?
Danny: And bouncing off every one of them.

Erin Reagan is the bureau chief so all deals go through her. Besides, she's a Reagan. They're like the Coreliones.


Frank: Look, Mr. Kay. I assume you know the guy who did this was caught and charged.
Kay: I don't get it. I just don't get it. How can he... now he's coming back. Now he's coming back and he's...
Frank: Well, it's the law now. It's a crime in itself if you ask me.
Kay: What kind of city are you running where the assailant can return to the scene of the crime?

Manager: Is this really necessary?
Danny: Mr. I'd Do Anything To Help left the building quickly.
Manager: A murder won't be good for business.
Baez: An unsolved murder would be better?

When a guy like Congelis says he knows where the bodies are buried, there's usually a body that's buried.


First things first. Let's get her down. We don't want the city waking up to her hanging up there.


You lose that funny accent, you'd make a decent Ranger.


Defensible's become a politician's word. Last I checked, you are still a prosecutor.


Blue Bloods Season 10 Quotes

Anthony: And who the hell is she?
Erin: High priced defense attorney for guilty clients.
Defense Attorney: I see you still haven't changed. You're still a cold hearted bitch.

Lenny: I gave her a courtesy card just in case.
Frank: In case she got picked up with narcotics?
Lenny: She was just holding them for a friend.
Frank: Oh.
Lenny: She's a good kid.
Frank: Says every father ever. A courtesy card lets nobody's kid skate on a felony. Not even mine.