It’s a safe house, son!! You’ve been protected!


Ugh, she never smiles. Is her mouth broken!?


The Freestyle Killer. Man! How comes all the killers you caught had such cool names?! The best name I ever brought in was “Narrow-Shoes Sam.”


Holt: I think you’re right.
Jake: Wait – what?!

Holt: The next time someone threatens to kill me, I’ll come straight to you.
Amy: Thank you sir. I can’t wait.

Holt: Nice work, Peralta.
Jake: Captain, you’re doing it! You’re emoting.

I mean, why would a death threat be a big deal? Oh, that’s right, ‘cause it threatens death!


Amy: I was trying to insult you.
Jake: And instead you gave me an amazing life hack!

That’s right! Just kicked Santa in the testicles.


Boyle’s a hero. And so is his butt.