Psychopaths can be superficially charming. Even those closest to them may not know that their relationship isn't built on any real feeling. Here, look at this guy. Psychopaths tend to be internet trolls, bullies.

Mr. Jameson, look, I'm sure the thought of working with me is highly unsettling to you, and I cannot lie, the idea of spending my next half hour with you is not setting my heart aflutter, but the truth is, you're getting paid and so am I. More importantly, your testimony is crucial to our case and to our client.


He leads a messy life; someone has to help clean up.


I know it makes no sense but I need you to show remorse for something you did not do.

You were right, I'm no good alone.

Now here's a crazy thought, the person who sent this to you knows who the real killer is and doesn't want to see an innocent man die for something he didn't do.

Sorry to let everybody down, but I think I need a drink.

Izzy: I don't think you're good alone, Jason. I don't.
Jason: You may be on to something there.

Actually, I'm a mess because I know he's innocent. I know it with every fiber of my being.

You don't care what your team thinks. You know everything.


Benny: You know, Bull, we used to be a team.
Bull: What are you talking about Benny?
Benny: It used to be that you'd ask me before you took a case. Used to be that you'd ask me before you blew through all of our jury strikes. Used to be that you cared what I thought.

Everyday I see you checking your watch to see if it's late enough to have your first drink, and if it's not that, it's how long until lunch? You sleep in your office. Your clothes don't fit. I think you are an amazing person, Jason, but I am tired worrying about you, pitying you. I want to admire you again.


Bull Season 2 Quotes

Marissa: I had no idea that the famous Dr. Jason Bull can be bought.
Bull: For a quarter of a million dollars, not only can I be bought, you can gift wrap me.

Six different law firms represented here. It’s like the New York Yankees of attorneys. What happen? Bill Gates run a traffic light.

Jason Bull