Are you a good person who has done a bad thing or are you a bad person who has done good things?


I’ve been going after bad guys for years. I guess this whole time I’ve been going after him, and he just got a slap on the wrist. Again.


Billy: Without Joanna, we’re not much of an operation.
Hank: Sure, Joanna’s a great lawyer and she’s smart, but she’s piss poor with people. That’s your gift.

Billy: You are not your past. You are a good lawyer.
Joanna: This isn’t about being a good lawyer. This hearing is about being a good person.

Thank you. No one has ever been this nice to me before.


Billy: Are you proposing to me?
Joanna: It’s a counter-proposal. I’m just saying I want it to be you and me for good.

You want to quit, fine. But we’re supposed to be partners in work and if life. You don’t make a life decision like that on your own.


Owen: I think the world of you of you. That’s the problem. You can do anything. You’re smart and now you’re throwing it all away. I think you’re making a huge mistake. You’re on your own now, son.
Kip: I’m not your son.

Ben Matheson: I didn’t know that you were here. If I had known I would have tried to reach out.
Taylor: I can’t do this, Dad.
Ben Matheson: I’ve apologized so many times.

Luna: The women weren’t there by choice.
Tillman: I didn’t know that.
Joanna: The law says you should have known.

Stevie: I don’t want to waste time fixing things if that’s not going to happen. We’re in law school and we’re about to start our careers, if that’s going to be a thing? If it isn’t then your work habits will be someone else’s problem.
Luna: I want them to be your problem.

Terry: You want Kip
Owen: And you don’t.
Terry: Doesn’t matter what I want. The court says he’s rightfully mine.

Burden of Truth Quotes

Juries like blue. Brings out your eyes


Joanna: We want the jury to think this could happen to them.
Billy: Play on their fear.
Joanna: But not too hard or we'll lose them. Stay likable.
Billy: I am likable.
Joanna: Jury's still out, Crawford.
Billy: I'm more likable than you.
Joanna: Well, that is a very low bar.