Billy: Ever hear of quit while you're ahead?
Hank: That's not my style Billy-boy. That's why I kept reaching out to you. In University. In Law School. After you won that big case, all the sick girls ...
Billy: You just wanted a taste of the money.
Hank: No. I just wanted to talk to you. To congratulate you.
Billy: Well I wasn't ready.
Hank: Well, I'm happy you're here now.

Billy: I'm kind of curious about your newfound interest in child safety. Because after you left and mom died you seemed pretty fine with the idea of us raising ourselves.
Hank: I had to feed my family. I was working.
Billy: The benders? Were those work?

Hank: You gonna tell me how luck works now?
Billy: I'm just saying, I had nothing to do with that horse winning.
Hawk: Are you kidding me? You had everything to do with it. I mean some people are just born lucky and you're one of 'em. I mean, look at the goddess who's agreed to share your bed. That's pure luck. And a head for numbers. You've got a deadly combination kid. I mean you could calculate odds in your head before you could read. See I remember your first-grade teacher.
Billy: Miss Romansky. God, I had the hots for her.
Hank: You're a Crawford. She was so impressed with my little math prodigy. See I didn't tell her it was thanks to the ponies.

Kodie: Man I miss driving. Sweet tunes. Open road. Best feeling in the world.
Luna: When do you get your license back.
Kodie: Let's work on my kids first.
Luna: Yeah. Cool. Good to prioritize. So what's the first thing you'll do?
Kodie: What?
Luna: When you get your kids back.
Kodie: Squeeze 'em 'til they can't breathe. And then go to DQ.

Diane: Even as the principal there's nothing I can do. Makes me feel so helpless.
Joanna: Yeah. But I don't do helpless.
Diane: And that's why God made you the lawyer.
Joanna: My father made me a lawyer.
Diane: And you're the best one I know.

Diane: Where did you get this?
Joanna: Tru's room. Secret box of treasures.
Diane: Jo, you can't just rifle through someone's private stuff.
Joanne: She's eight.
Diane: She's still a person.
Joanna: Not a real person, in the eyes of the law. You know what I mean.
Diane: You really don't get kids, do you?

Billy: I'm not rubbing your tickets.
Hank: You used to do it all the time.
Billy: Yeah, when I was eight.
Hank: I didn't bring you to the races when you were eight, did I? Well, you used to bring me all kinds of crazy luck.

Luna: I'm Luna.
Kodie: So what, you're like, my babysitter for the day?
Luna: Think of me more like your chauffeur.
Kodie: Are you the one who went to jail? (Luna nods) Must be tougher than you look. Have to be to work for Joanna.
Luna: What does that mean?
Kodie: Don't get me wrong, I love her, but even back in grade school that girl was wicked competitive.
Luna: And that's what makes her a great lawyer.

Joanna: Elmcreek is a public and private middle school, right? Sorry. Hi.
Diane: Hi yourself. You know I can't tell you where Kodie's kids are.
Joanna: It's Kodie you can't tell that to.
Diane: You're her lawyer.

Hank Crawford: You know your sister stops by from time to time. She brings me a casserole; you know the one with the chips on top of it. She doesn't like me coming out to her place. Says I'm a bad influence. This is the part where you can disagree with her.
Billy: Wish I could there, Hank.
Hank Crawford: Right. Hank the disgrace. Hank the deadbeat. So, you shacking up with your boss?
Billy: She's not my boss. She's my partner.
Hank Crawford: Does she know that? Hanley's always think they're the boss.
Billy: All right. So. The affidavit.

Hank: I want my one phone call!
Billy: That's only in the movies, Hank.

Joanna: I have my own firm.
Alan: Yeah. I know. What's the name?
Joanna: Crawford Chang.
Alan: Why would you let Crawford put his name first?
Joanna: It sounded better

Burden of Truth Quotes

Juries like blue. Brings out your eyes


Joanna: We want the jury to think this could happen to them.
Billy: Play on their fear.
Joanna: But not too hard or we'll lose them. Stay likable.
Billy: I am likable.
Joanna: Jury's still out, Crawford.
Billy: I'm more likable than you.
Joanna: Well, that is a very low bar.