Joanna: Someone is messing with her head. Saying she's something that she's not. I know what that kind of emotional abuse can do to a person.
Billy: There's those ghosts again.
Joanna: I can't slay them without you, Billy.
Billy: When my dad would get sober we'd have to go back to church. Never lasted longer than two weeks. But there was this one passage that always stuck with me.
Joanna: Billy Crawford, are you about to quote the bible to me?
Billy: Yeah, I believe I am. Wherever you go, I will go. Where you lodge, I will lodge. And where you die, I will die. And there will I be buried.'

Billy: When we started this firm, you made me sign in blood that we wouldn't take any cases pro bono.
Joanna: It wasn't blood. It was cocktail sauce but yes, I recognize the irony.

I can't leave her. I know what they're going through tonight; I know what it's like to be taken away from your mother.


Billy: I don't wanna be heartless.
Joanna: 'Cause that's usually my job?
Billy: We do have a firm to manage.
Joanna: Our firm will still be there when we get back.

Maybe he didn't deserve you. You're smart. You're driven. You even have a sense of humor after some scotch. And you did that, not just because you didn't have a dad, but in spite of one.


Kat: Today, at the warehouse, Ackie, that was personal for you.
Luna: Disappointed that I'm not a robot like Joanna?
Kat: She's not a robot. She's just a master at compartmentalization and only the progeny of a true bastard can do that.
Luna: And we do share a parent.

Kodie: I've barely met the woman; now she wants to take my babies?
Joanna: We have fifteen minutes; tell me everything you know about Grandma.

Luna: Is that our teacher?
Kat: Turns out our Miss Frizzle moonlights as a lingerie model.
Luna: Wait, you're gonna use that?
Kat: Are you kidding me? This is a gold mine for Joanna.
Luna: But that's just another form of slut-shaming.
Kat: Which in theory I am totally not for but this isn't a university campus, Luna, this is a law firm. Political correctness goes out the window when you're trying to win.

Diane: We were the only three non-white girls at Millwood High.
Billy: I know. I was there. I remember.
Diane: Actually, you don't know. Nothing bonds you more than being other.

Kodie: I thought I could take care of it myself.
Joanna: Don't think. Seriously, if you want your kids back, I do the thinking from now on.

Kat: I beat out four other applicants for this position. Winning is fun for me.
Luna: Well I can see why my sister hired you; you're basically the same person.
Kat: Thank you. The woman who took down Matheson Steel? Who coaxed a confession from her father's murderer under cross-examination? She's a rockstar.
Luna: And I'm just here because of nepotism.
Kat: Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
Luna: I work my ass off.
Kat: A lot of people work hard but not everybody is lucky enough to have a sister with a law firm.
Luna: No one's ever really described me as lucky.
Kat: Hey, I'd rather be lucky than good. But now is the time for you to impress.
Luna: I'm not here to impress you.
Kat: Maybe you should be.

Diane: Hey babe, you ever see Les Mis?
Owen: I don't like the French. Or the British. Or Canada for that matter.
Diane: Right. Well, Coles Notes, this police chief gets obsessed when the criminal he put away gets out.
Owen: What happens to the cop?
Diane: His obsession drives him crazy, and he throws himself off a bridge. Spoiler. Sorry.
Owen: Don't worry. If anyone's going over a bridge it ain't gonna be me.

Burden of Truth Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

Joanna: Catch anything?
Billy: Not a nibble. My old man used to say the fish could smell desperation.
Joanna: That's what my father used to say about clients.

Kodie: I can't go to work today. They took my kids from me, Joanna.
Joanna: I know. But no matter how bad you feel you have to play it cool. You have to appear perfect.