It's not my problem? I'm the one who had to get between you and his knife.


Casey: This guy can't take no for an answer.
Dawson: That's what the decline button is for.

Expensive equipment just being ruined here.


Now I think it's best if I just concentrate on being a firefighter.


You are a great firefighter, and you are a great mother. You got this, alright?


You want to know what I think when the bells go off? That there's a family out there and they're just like mine and they're counting on me to help them.


I don't know how you do it. Put your love for your kids aside and run into a burning building. That was different for me today.


Never doubt the power of goodness in one's heart, or for a single second that we make an incredible family. And you will be loved. Always.


Boden: He made a choice to go back in. I as chief made a choice to let him.
Jimmy: A choice?
Boden: Yeah, just like I made the choice to come in and get you.

Be honest with yourself Matt I want something that you don't. I'm ready, and you're not. It's not a crime, and it doesn't make you any less of a man.


Kidd: Grant's been texting me non-stop since I didn't go to his gig.
Severide: He still using?
Kidd: Uh, four minutes ago, "I hope you burn to death slowly." Two minutes ago, "Sorry baby, I love you."

All right, we have 20-plus victims inside. The only thing holding this building up is God and carpeting.


Chicago Fire Quotes

One hundred of anything is impressive. But one hundred years, for a bar? That is downright magical. Back then there was no television, radio, Internet, phones. There was just a neighborhood of hard-working people who needed a place filled with family.


The fire's under control.