Kelly: Hey. We get to carpool again.
Stella: I mean, we live together.We see each other all the time.
Kelly: Yeah, but still, I like to see you at the firehouse too.
Stella: Right.
Kelly: No, serious. You...bring a light to it. [pause] And an odor.
Stella: [sighs] I know. Kid who makes fun of the girl on the playground actually really likes her.

Topher: Are you Stella Kidd?
Stella: Yeah, that's me.
Topher: Topher. Let me show you where you'll be hanging your hat. Main thing to know is that they monitor internet use. I found that out the hard way. f

Mouch: What made you want to pick up a Halligan? I mean, in the beginning?
Stella: I climbed into a car I shouldn't have. And the only reason I climbed out was 'cause of the CFD rescue squad. So I made a decision in the hospital. I said, 'I'm gonna lift people out of bad places, too.' So that's what I do.

I'm a firefighter, Mouch. When we were on that roof today... All I could think about was getting that mom and that baby to safety. Nothing was gonna stop me. You could've put a thousand pounds on my back, you could have turned fire up a million degrees, and I still would've made that save.


I'm a firefighter, not a desk jockey. I just -- what do I know about public relations? I can barely keep up with my own relations.


Gabby: He won't stay out of his own way. I tell him, 'Pop, you're new there. You gotta keep your head down for a year, you do your work, don't make waves, show up early, leave late, and they're gonna love you.'
Sylvie: Yeah, 'cause Dawsons never make waves.

Casey: How do you find a balance between being a leader and being a friend?
Boden: You notice I don't have a lot of friends.

You just tend to see the best in people, and, maybe, sometimes, ignore the rest.

Gabby [to Sylvie]

Herrmann: Look, Otis...he's an idiot. But the robot thing, could be he just wants to make himself useful, you know?
Casey: He is useful. He's a firefighter.
Herrmann: Yeah, but... Think about it. I mean, he's been low man on the truck for a long time, you know. Maybe he's just looking for more responsibility.
Casey: Tell him it's over rated.

Stella: So, so what happens if I don't pay rent this month?
Severide: You keep plying me with beer and hockey, you can stay as long as you want.

Sylvie: I'm not really a kissing on the first date kind of girl.
Pete: Okay, I respect that.
Sylvie: Uh, but the thing at the ambulance, when you smiled at me, that was, that was kind of a first date.
Pete: Oh, so this would be like our second date. I respect that even more.

Herrmann: What the hell's going on?
Otis: I gotta lock up the robot. I can't risk the other shifts mishandling it.
Herrmann: So you're putting it in our food locker?
Otis: You got a better idea?
Herrmann: Yeah. *Don't* put it in our food locker.

Chicago Fire Quotes

Great, let me talk to her. (throws cell phone) We're going to Med.


Jeff: A firefighter needs 3 things to thrive: water, common sense, and balls.