As much as it pains me, everybody gets a free drink at Molly's tonight.


No matter what happens, no one from Firehouse 51 may go into that house. This is not a democracy, do you understand?


Scott, there's a lot of men with families in CFD.


I need to know that you're not running your mouth outside these walls.


Casey: What's this?
Jack: Sorry, it's standard procedure.

Casey: You got thirty seconds.
Voight: Listen, your buddy over at the strip club -- Jack Nesbitt is into some hard stuff. We need a guy on the inside. I think that could be you.

Anything you two wanna tell me?


You can't put a price on success.


Do me a favor, Jack. Take your job and piss off.


Casey: Gabby, you had me worried there.
Dawson: I'm fine.

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Billy, I pulled you out of the fire, so the least you can do is listen to me.


Billy swears he turned it off.


Chicago Fire Season 3 Quotes

Hey. You said Shay told you we'd be great together. I choose to have that memory of that day.


Shay: Yo. Put it back in your pants lieutenant. You're not my type.
Kelly: You never know.
Shay: Do you have a vagina? I'm gay. Fully gay. My drink's tequila.