Stop selling me this fairy tale about how things are gonna be if I just fight. Not while I'm doing everything I can to wrap my head around what's real.

Anna [to Kelly, about her leukemia]

Kannall: Matt Casey! Respectable guy. Officer on the CFD, happily married, and a damn alderman to boot.
Matt: Can't be entirely respectable.
Kannall: Just saying. You done good, brother. Considering the homes you and I came up in? It wasn't necessarily in the cards.

Might want to vacate that seat. Wars have been started over less.

Casey [to Kannall, who is sitting in Severide's chair]

Otis: I just wanted to swing by and pass along some pro tips when it comes to dealing with Connie.
Marcy: I don't follow.
Otis: How do I put this? There are ground rules, okay? You don't ask questions, you know. You avoid making eye contact. She may perceive that as a challenge.

I just want you to know, like it or not, you're loved and you're not alone.

Kelly [to Anna]

Sylvie: Okay, so you've done this before. Are the quizzes open book, or should I invest in flashcards?
Gabby: Um, I sort of erased that experience from my memory. Disciplinary training is less like college and more like traffic school.

I think we're wrong for each other Kelly, and I think we've been idiots not to see it.


I told you; Benny's not me. I spent my whole life avoiding...that.


So now listen, Lee Henry. You definitely have the constitutional right not to say the pledge of allegiance. You also have the right to be a jackass.


Herrmann: Hey, guys, can I get you to do a favor for me?
Mouch: What is it?
Herrmann: Who cares what it is. It's a favor. You in or you out?
Boden: I'm in.
Herrmann: Thank you. Good.
Mouch: I'm gonna need more information
Boden: No, you're not.
Mouch: Okay, I'm in.

Gabby: Retraining? Retraining? Like everyday isn't retraining already? I should be the teacher of that class. Hell, I am the teacher! Name one thing they're gonna say to me that I haven't seen or done 100 times!
Matt: I can't. [shared looks]
Gabby: Look, if they want to pay me to sit in a warm classroom instead of freezing my ass off helping the citizens of Chicago, then be my guest.

Cruz: Hey! Lee Henry still alive?
Otis: Or do we need to send a search party out to the woods behind your house?
Herrmann: Oh, Lee Henry is actually a really smart kid. He's stupid as hell, but he's smart.
Kidd: Did -- did he hear what he said?

Chicago Fire Season 5 Quotes

You want to know what I think when the bells go off? That there's a family out there and they're just like mine and they're counting on me to help them.


I don't know how you do it. Put your love for your kids aside and run into a burning building. That was different for me today.