Ben: Maggie. I'm alive.
Maggie: Yes, sweetheart. You are.

Father: This is my fault. I was compensating for having a kid with Downs. I just wanted to have a regular boy. So I pushed him into sports.
Will: Maybe you did, but he loves that sport.
Father: Jordi's the most important thing in my life. I can't do anything that would cause him harm.
Will: I get it. I'm the one who told you this was a safer option, and I certainly understand your fears. Maybe it's not about you. Maybe it's about Jordi and what he wants. I watched that video. He said 'I can fly.' I saw that. And he said, 'I want to be free.' I saw that too.

April: You just want to make me feel bad, is that it?
Ethan: What about you? You've been at me all day. I don't know what's going on between us, but maybe it's good that I'm leaving for a month.

This is ridiculous. I have a kidney on ice ready to go.


Ben: Maggie. I had a dream I was fishing.
Maggie: That sounds nice.
Ben: No. I hate fishing.

Dan: Mom, what if something happens?
Mrs. Schiller: Honey, you're my baby. I can't imagine life without you.

Charles: How'd you sleep?
CeCe: I slept great.
Charles: How's your pain, honey?
CeCe: You're not dressed.
Charles: I thought I'd stay home today. Don't try to talk me out of it.
CeCe: I won't. You're getting good at this marriage thing.
Charles: Maybe fourth time's the charm.
CeCe: Danny?
Charles: Hmm?
CeCe: I want you to remarry.
Charles: But I'm happily married to you.
CeCe: You know what I mean.
Charles: So what's for breakfast?
CeCe: I know you heard me.
Charles: Pancakes it is.

Ethan wants a baby. I can't give him one.


Maggie: I know this is technically illegal -
Natalie: And unethical. I can't change his charts to say he's post-infectuous when he's not.
Maggie: Natalie, please. I am begging you to let me honor the only wish I can still honor.
Natalie: I'm sorry, but it isn't about him. It's about the public. I can't do it.

Charles: Just because a patient is reckless, doesn't mean he's suicidal.
Ethan: So that's it. If the antibiotics don't work, we just wash our hands of him and let him die?
Charles: I don't like it either. But we can't lock someone up just for wanting to be Internet famous.

Sharon: I want Dr. Lanic running point on this one.
Choi: Ms. Goodwin -
Sharon: You know as well as I do. You're too close to Dr. Sexton.
Choi: I can separate my personal feelings from my -
Sharon: No. Dr. Lanic will keep you updated. And you're needed in the ED.

Choi: Mind if we do this without the camera?
Dennis: We can't cause we're live 24/7.Anything you have to say to me, you can say in front of our followers.
Choi: Okay. Can you take a seat so I can examine you?
Dennis: I don't know. Can I?
Choi: Excuse me?
Aviva: I'm talking to our followers. They have to vote. [pause] Sorry. The answer is no.
Dennis: Looks like I'm doing this exam standing.

Chicago Med Season 5 Quotes

Goodwin: Status on Tim Burke?
Doctor: He's stable.
Goodwin: You can take him.
Doctor: Hey, he dies en route, it won't break my heart.

Philip: Is Natalie okay?
Doctor: Who are you?
Philip: Her fiance.
Doctor: Fiance?
Philip: Yeah, we're engaged.
Doctor: We didn't get the memo.