Tiffany: Chucky!
Chucky: Yeah, I'll be with you in a minute!

Chucky can splinter himself into other dolls?


Junior: I'm sorry, Lexy.
Lexy: I know.

Let's kill 'em all!

We haven't met, but I know we'll have a great time.

Tiffany Doll

Junior, you don't hit your cousin.


You can all go to hell.


Help me! I'm in here.


Junior: Are you happy now, Jake?
Lexy: Junior!
Junior: Are you happy? Everyone around you dies. My mom, Devin's mom -- even your own parents. You're a curse.
Lexy: Junior, stop!
Junior: It's none of your business.
Lexy: I'm sorry about your mom, but this is not Jake's fault.

I'll make you a deal. Kill Jake and I'll let you live.

He will find you.


He's still out there. We have to find him and kill him.


Chucky Quotes

Woman: Hi, Jake! 20 bucks for that, sound fair?
Jake: 20 bucks?
Woman: It's got to be worth 20 bucks, right?
Jake: Yeah, where did you get this?
Woman: I have no idea. It must have been my daughters, I guess. Honestly, I don't remember. You into vintage?
Jake: No, I'm into retro.
Woman: Oh, what's the difference?
Jake: About ten bucks.
Woman: Fair enough.

Hi, I'm Chucky.