I'm going to make those f--king teenagers orphans again.

If you are going there, I'm helping you out.

Miss. Fairchild

James: When did he come down to my office?
Assistant: No one's been in your office.

He just wrote Fuck You to me.


I want to test where you all are.


Jake: How do we get into the white house?
Lexy: I don't know, but we will.

That suits me.

I'm still going to kill you, but I'll give you a head start. I love what you did with your hair.


On the first day of Christmas I killed Liv Morgan on TV.

I am so not dealing with this today.


This is like a support group for victims.


You always had a problem finishing things.

Chucky Quotes

Woman: Hi, Jake! 20 bucks for that, sound fair?
Jake: 20 bucks?
Woman: It's got to be worth 20 bucks, right?
Jake: Yeah, where did you get this?
Woman: I have no idea. It must have been my daughters, I guess. Honestly, I don't remember. You into vintage?
Jake: No, I'm into retro.
Woman: Oh, what's the difference?
Jake: About ten bucks.
Woman: Fair enough.

Hi, I'm Chucky.