You are a god, Desna. You get our numbers up.

Zlata [to Desna]

Desna: What [Zlata's] trying to do is strip the Hussers of all their dignity. What I'm trying to do is to get us on the other side of this, before she ruins everything we worked for.
Jennifer: Oh, yeah. God forbid she wreck this field of dreams.

Desna: I cannot believe your mixed ass wasn't on the pill.
Virginia: Listen, I was. But it made my feet swell and I couldn't put on my heels.

Russians are not like your people, Desna. We disrupt quietly.

Zlata [to Desna]

Desna: [Dean and Virginia] let Quiet Ann go, and not me?
Polly: Well, she's quiet and you're judgey judgey.

Virginia: What if it's, like, the next Obama? Or that guy who's always dreaming?
Quiet Ann: Martin Luther King?
Virginia: Yeah.
Quiet Ann: Girl, it's not your fight.
Virginia: Are you sure? No Obama in there?

Brenda: We women should be lifting each other up rather than knocking each other off the monkey bars.
Desna: Why it's got to be monkey bars, Brenda?
Brenda: Goodness. Everything offends you people.
Polly: Y'all. Y'all. Let's leave the racism to the hipsters.

Desna: You just gonna let the Confederate flags fly, huh?
Jennifer: Shit. I thought it was British.

Baby Boy played us.

Uncle Daddy [to Bryce]

That'll teach his pasty ass to go off book.


We're going viral, y'all. Just like my sex tape.


Claws Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

It's Desna, Brenda. I've only told you that about 8 million times.

Desna [to Brenda]

And when I go to my Million Moms meeting, I will not leave my grandbabies in the car if it's over 100 degrees.

Karen [to Jenn]