Virginia: Something you want to share?
Desna: You know what? Mind your nosy business.
Virginia: Damn! Is that how you treat your bridesmaid?
Desna: Fake bridesmaid. Don't ask.

Well, I hope this [cognac] pairs well with my anti-psychotic.

Polly [to Roller]

Don't worry. She hear nothing. She off Candy Crushing.

Zlata [to Desna about Olga]

Jenn: Where's your bridal glow?
Desna: It's dim. Let's just get this over with.

He's alive, your daddy. He's living right here, in my heart and your heart.

Uncle Daddy [to Roller]

Quiet Ann [to Desna]: There are bad bitches in this world, right?
Virginia: Amen!
Quiet Ann: But once in a generation comes along a true OG gangster boss bitch. And that's you, Desna. Don't ever change.

Bryce: Want to have fancy hotel sex?
Jenn: Yes. God, yes.

Desna: We are criminals, Polly. And it's time we own it and take what belongs to us.
Polly: I like how you're thinking.
Desna: I've got a mind for this thing, and it's time we stop fighting it.

Desna: That's your past, baby. You got to leave that thing there. You gotta move forward, Pol.
Polly: I don't know, Des. I think I've wasted all this time trying to be anything but what I am -- broken.
Desna: Polly Pol, we are all broken.

Jenn: You'd really peace out on Uncle Daddy and Roller?
Bryce: Hell, yeah. They'd finally have to use email, but ...

Zlata: Be like game: screw, marry, kill.
Desna: You mean screw, marry, turn over all of his assets, and then kill.
Zlata: All of that.

Virginia: I thought [Polly] was different, not different different.
Desna: We all got a little something.

Claws Season 2 Quotes

Bryce: So you just broke up our marriage for some random dick.
Jenn: You know, I am so tired of being judged by Vanilla Bryce.

Paging Dr. Do-me-right!

Polly [to Desna]