Zlata: Ready to make partnership official? We make a pretty good team.
Desna: I am not. I was just curious.
Zlata: Curious is the first step to commitment. Next step is anal. But we skip that.
Desna: Excuse me?

Bryce: I haven't seen you this excited since you fit into your skinny, skinny jeans after having Baylor.
Jenn: Wasn't that a shortlived victory?

Wedding saleswoman: We have one One-Percenter room in the back, but there's nothing under $5,000.
Jenn: $5,000? That dress better slap your ass and play with your nips.

Desna: We are criminals, Polly. And it's time we own it and take what belongs to us.
Polly: I like how you're thinking.
Desna: I've got a mind for this thing, and it's time we stop fighting it.

Well, in a Bradenton Regional Bank first, we are going to have to deny a cute, young, white couple a home loan. Between your criminal record and your $12-an-hour job, it's not going to happen.

Banker [to Bryce and Jenn]

Move away from the vortex, Desna. That bitch will suck you in.

Quiet Ann [to Desna]

Virginia: I thought [Polly] was different, not different different.
Desna: We all got a little something.

Jenn: You'd really peace out on Uncle Daddy and Roller?
Bryce: Hell, yeah. They'd finally have to use email, but ...

Zlata: Be like game: screw, marry, kill.
Desna: You mean screw, marry, turn over all of his assets, and then kill.
Zlata: All of that.

Polly: Marnie's been missing six hours now. I think I should call the police and get her on a milk carton or something.
Desna: Pol, I want you to take a deep, white breath. Marnie's not missing, baby, she's with her natural mama.

Polly: Now is not a good time. I have a family situation to deal with.
Lillian: What do you think you're looking at?

I don't want Cheetos. I want peace and tranquility, nothing else.

Dean [to Virginia]

Claws Season 2 Quotes

Bryce: So you just broke up our marriage for some random dick.
Jenn: You know, I am so tired of being judged by Vanilla Bryce.

Paging Dr. Do-me-right!

Polly [to Desna]