First I took care of Chozen, now you. This is where Miyagi- Do ends.


Chozen: I am not afraid to kill.
Silver: And I am not afraid to die.

I can't believe it's happening. We're really going to take Silver down.


Barnes: This guy just destroys people's lives, bit by bit, and he never faces any consequences. You know what I see? Four consequences right here.
Daniel: We can't just show up and assault him.
Barnes: The guy destroyed my world What do you want me to do? Take it like a little bitch? I'm going to beat the living shit out of him.
Chozen: Yes!
Johnny: I like the way this guy thinks.

Kim: Something is holding you back. Tory: I can't do it.
Kim: It's the boy, isn't it? You act strong but insider your strong.
Tory: That's not true. Kim: Your feelings make you weak.
Tory: No. Kim: You care more about this boy than you do your own dojo.
Tory: I broke up with him because of this dojo, you bitch!

I wanted to win All Valley more than anything. After the match when they handed me that trophy, that was the best moment of my life, but then I saw Silver and that ref and it just killed me. I felt like a fraud. I wanted to get back at Silver so bad, that's why I listened to Kreese, and then I just got caught up in more lies, and now my life is just a living hell.


We are same. Both make mistakes. Both feel guilty for pain we caused. now, you have, uh freinds. Family. Children. I always wanted same thing.


There's a difference between being heard and being listened to. They heard you, but they listened to me.


Silver: Mr. Keene, to what do we owe the pleasure.
Robby: I came here to apologize. I let you down. Turned my back on you. I didn't understand at the time, but I realize now that I was wrong. I shouldn't have just left. I should've taking you all with me. Everything you're taught here is bullshit. There is pain in this dojo, and it's built upon fear because this man is not your sensei, he is your enemy. But it's not too late. You're not past the point of no return, and I promise. There is still another way.

Everything I do is for the future. Theirs, and mine. So savor every moment before it's gone.


Johnny: We're not going to let you take over the Valley.
Kim: We already did.
Johnny: You think you did.

Kreese: I was trying to make my students tough.
Young Johnny: You wanted them all to be like you.
Kreese: No. I wanted them to be better than me.

Cobra Kai Quotes

Sam: I feel so guilty. 
Daniel: It's not your fault. All this started before you were even born. If not for me and Johnny there wouldn't have been a fight in the first place. This is my fault. 

Amanda: I can't believe they have the gall to suspend Sam for two weeks! I'm going to tell the school board how incompetent they are. Heads will roll!
Daniel: At least they expelled the girl who started it.
Amanda: Expelled?! That bitch should be in Shawshank!