I did everything I thought was right. I followed all the Miyagi-Do teachings. I even put aside my rivalry and teamed up with Johnny. None of it worked. Now I'm supposed to give up my dojo and step down as a sensei. There's too much at stake to honor an agreement made with men who have none. If Cobra Kai is gonna to keep growing and getting stronger, I need to do whatever it takes to stop them. Even if that means going on offense. I know this isn't your fault, and this is a lot to ask, but will you help me finally put an end to Cobra Kai?


Miguel: Mom, I'm sorry for leaving a not like this, but I thought it was the best way, maybe the only way to say what I need to say. The last few months have been a rollercoaster: my injury, rehab, me and Sam, Sensei and Mr. LaRusso. I convinced myself that I could get over it by focusing on the tournament. I thought that if I won that everything would work out, but I was wrong. Tell Sensei that I'm sorry I failed. His karate helped me grow, but I'm still not sure who I want to be , and to figure that out , I think I need to know where I came from. Sensei was scared to find out about his past. Honestly, I am too. But overcoming that fear is the fight I have to face instead of competing for a trophy I need to be with my father. This is something I have to do.

Silver: You remember when you asked me what I thought your weakness was? It's Johnny Lawrence. That's what this was all about, right? It was never about us teaming up and bringing back the glory days, that was all bullshit.
Kreese: It's not true.
Silver: Yes it is, and I fell for it. You know why? Because everyone has a weakness, John, and mine is you.
Kreese: You think I'm your weakness? You've got it backward because I am your strength. I've been your strength ever since Vietnam.
Silver: Yes, there it is, I can always count on you to play the guilt card. How many times do you expect me to repay that debt before we're square?
Kreese: What did you do?
Silver: I'm shedding my weakness, Captain.

Johnny: Hey, it's just a match. Don't let it eat you up, trust me.
Robby: It's not that, um, it's this kid, Kenny. I thought I could take him under my wing, be the mentor I wish I had when I was younger, But when I saw him today, it was like looking in the mirror. I realized I screwed everything up. I had all this hate inside of me for you and for Miguel, and I thought I could use Cobra Kai to control that, but it just made things worse, and now it's never going to get better.
Johnny: It's not true. You had a good thing going with LaRusso, and I got in the way of that. Don't blame yourself, you blame me.
Robby: I'm sick of blaming you, dad.

Sam: We did the right thing, and we still didn't win. I'm sorry.
Daniel: It's not your fault.

Daniel: I see now some of what you teach can be good sometimes, and I'm sorry I didn't realize that sooner.
Johnny: I'm sorry, too. I saw you and Miguel bonding and I freaked out. I was afraid of losing that connection and now I'm paying the price for it I should've let him train you. He would've been a stronger fighter.

Amanda:: You can pay me back now by making sure that Sam doesn't get hurt.
Tory: It's karate, how can I--
Amanda: I'm not asking you to back down, I just want you to play by the rules even if I still don't understand them. I'm going out there and root for my daughter, but what I'm really rooting for is that this fight puts an end to all the bullshit between you two.

Kreese: Look, what happened with Terry back at the old dojo, I didn't know he was going to do that.
Johnny: I don't have time for this shit.
Kreese: It didn't have to be this way, Johnny. You could've been with me and your real son.
Johnny: You don't care about Robby anymore than you cared about me.
Kreese: Bullshit! I cared more about you than anyone.

Robby: Anthony LaRusso was your bully?
Kenny: Not anymore. You hear that? Get ready for high school next year because you're going to be a world of pain.
Robby: Hey, this is not how I trained you.
Kenny: It's Cobra Kai. No mercy.

Johnny: You've beaten Hawk before just remember that killer instinct. Take his ass out.
Miguel: What? Take his ass out? Hawk is my friend.
Johnny: He's fighting for LaRusso, he picked his side. Whose side are you on?
Miguel: Yours.
Johnny: Are you sure? Hawk may be your friend, but if you want to win this thing, you're gonna have to beat him.
Miguel: Whose side are you on?
Johnny: What do you mean?

Are you fighting your friend or your opponent. I thought you wanted to be a champion.


You know, Robby said that Miyagi-Do is for defense only, and without your defense, you have nothing.


Cobra Kai Quotes

There are three things that make a champion. The three D's. Desire. Devotion. And discipline. The first two I can't give you. The last one I can, but you have to be willing to receive it.


Sam: I feel so guilty. 
Daniel: It's not your fault. All this started before you were even born. If not for me and Johnny there wouldn't have been a fight in the first place. This is my fault.