Noa: Isn't a higher power kind of part of the twelve step deal?
Mario: Yeah, it just seems crazy. What's God gonna say to me?
Noa: Maybe it isn't about hearing God. Maybe it's just about being in a place where you can listen to yourself.

Will, trust me. You start being punitive and it's a very difficult hole to climb out of.


Jesse: Don't hit him. Hit me.
Leanne: I just helped tear two kids away from their mother. I got reamed by Max's father. And my caseworker says I'm a bad mother.
Jesse: You're bad at a lot of things. Mothering isn't one of them.
Leanne: Oh yeah? What am I bad at?
Jesse: Okay, I got a list right here. [Leanne glares and walks off] Wait, wait, don't read number seven!

Wait. Was that, uh, okay? I'm not like a slut or anything?

Ariel [after kissing Max for the first time]

Emily: You have to take charge.
Ariel: Me?
Emily: Yeah, why not? Why do they [boys] get to make all the choices?

Noa: Second time you've said "fine."
Mario: What's wrong with "fine?"
Noa: "Good" means good. "Great" means great. "Fine" never means fine.

Gloria: Which on is the clap? Syphilis?
Diego: No. Gonorrhea. It's...way better.

Patient: I need an ex-lap.
Angus [laughing]: Okay. Hold on a minute. What's going on?
Patient: Abdominal pain, tenderness in the lower left quadrant.
Angus: And what makes you think it's surgical?
Patient: I swallowed a bunch of tacks.
Angus: Way to bury the lede.

There's a moment for every medical student when all of her skills, and all of her knowledge, and all of her compassion come together. That's when she truly becomes a doctor. I'm proud of you.

Leanne [to Noa]

Mia: I never, ever stopped believing in you, Doc.
Rox: "Doc." You remember.
Mia: I...remember everything special about you.

Jesse: Teenagers have been defying their parents since the beginning of time.
Leanne: You mean, when you were born?
Jesse: And the angels were singing.
Leanne: Those were screams.

Angus: He's your first year. Get your house in order.
Mario: I'll deal with this ass clown, but what was that? "Get your house in order?" You're starting to sound like Campbell.
Angus: Thank you.

Code Black Quotes

Life Lesson. When asked if you want to examine your patient some more, it's like being asked if you want a breath mint. The answer is always yes.

Jesse Salandar

We're not their friend, their family, or their shrink. We're their doctor. He gets confused.

Dr. Leanne Rorish